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Search engine optimization/optimisation (SEO Ireland) is the key to doing business online….just so you know the reason i am using optimization as the main term even though it is american is due to predictive typing on Google, there are more searches for optimization than optimisation on google now that is lesson 1 out of the way.

Every successful online business has at least one great search engine ranking. That’s how their customers find them. But achieving that ranking can be difficult, time consuming and expensive. Unless you work with the experts that have done it before.  search engine experts will take your site to the top of the page within 3 months or you get your money back. now  there is confidence for you. Search engine optimization

If you’re not running a search engine optimisation campaign, your competitors are leaving you behind and the longer you leave it the harder and normally the more expensive it becomes. Search engine optimization

Now instead of giving you more SEO spin about how good we are, or how we can get you to the top of google, we have decided to keep this website as simple as possible if you want to see some examples of websites we have Optimised then click Optimised, if you want to read some of our SEO Testimonals well you get the picture,click if you would like a FREE SEO health check for your website, or if you would like to speak to one of our Dublin based Search engine optimization consultants then please do so.  Now if you want do look into it yourself here is some free SEO advice for you.

Tips to SEO your website. Check us out on Irish TOP TEN

Discover the Keywords that will create business for you.

Before doing anything, discover the real Keywords which visitors actually use for searching, it will be great tragedy if you are running in the wrong direction, all your SEO efforts and not just the SEO but also web development efforts will come to nothing if you do not know what your target audience is searching for. Search engine optimization

Identify what the competition is doing.

Discover your competitors and analyze what they are doing, if they are at top fo google, why? do they have links? what is there website like? do they have video? Are they on the radio? take note of everything.

Keyword enrich URLs and directory structure

Keyword enrich URLs but not too deep and of course do not go overboard to make them look like spammy, just organise them logically. Set up a directory structure that makes sense to you and also help to organise logically and programmatically.

Anchor text optimisation

Once you have discovered your Keywords and long tail key phrases, go ahead and optimise your links anchor text with these keywords.

Unique title and meta tags

One of the most crucial factor for your web page ranking is their titles and meta tags.  Please make sure that every web page has unique title, meta description and keywords tags. For those with large websites SORRY!!

Optimise your headings with Keywords and use proper heading tags

Optimise your headings and sub headings and use h1, h2, h3, p and li tags in web pages.

Please Avoid Java script/flash navigation and use CSS based text menus

Use CSS based text links for website navigation for best seo practice.

Optimise files & media names

Optimise linked files and media names. Put alt attributes in images because they still work, so do not over look this and leave them blank.

We will use the american way “Optimize” content and make it shareable

You must have heard countless times that content is King. Not to disappoint you, It’s true! and this is why good unique content is Linkable and shareable. Search engine optimised copywriting is one of the most important factors to bring large number of search engine traffic is to target long tail keywords and this is done in the content optimization.

Cross linking/ Contextual Linking

Cross linking or Contextual Links of relevant pages using the relevant Keywords as anchor text

Stay relevant and have volume content

Put up enough volume of content and pages (and optimize them) for any niche you want to rank well, especially for competitive keywords, few pages won’t do the job. Less is more does not work.

Keep CSS and Javascript in external files

Take out all CSS and javascript code and link them via external files to keep the text to code ratio higher.

Logical and not too deep directory structure

Keep website directory/url  structure as short as possible, do not go too deep but stay logical. Following sample URL shows how you can organize your website structure.

You could program your CMS just like WordPress does to automatically create s SEF links (search engine friendly links) and can fix maximum number of keywords to be used for every landing page.

Set up multiple RSS feeds

Set up multiple RSS feeds to syndicate your content to attract natural back links from other websites.

Set up XML sitemaps

Put up XML sitemaps and do not forget to put standard sitemap web page as well. Submit XML sitemaps to Google using Google webmaster tools and to other search engines to make sure all of your pages could be indexed.

Do Fix any broken links for web pages and images

Run XENU to identify any broken links for images or pages. Keep in mind that broken links and errors can jeopardize your SEO efforts. Find and fix broken links with Google Webmaster Tools from where you can download a excel file listing all the broken links. You may also use free link checker tool.

Redirect all non-canonical urls to a trailing slashed urls –>

Try to end your urls with trailing slash ‘/’ rather than at page extension such as  ‘.html’, ‘.php’ which only complicate things for future. You do not want to create pages with one extension (html or aspx) and get Google PageRank assigned to them only to change your server technology, say to PHP, after couple of years and risk losing all PR.

Also put 301 redirect in .htaccess for all non-www to www (or vice-versa), whatever you prefer.

301 redirect for all old internal links

301 redirect to all old internal links to the new corresponding canonical URLs if there was an old website to start with. Also handle Page Not Found (404) errors.

Validate ValiValidate your XHTML/CSS using W3C validation services

Use W3C validation tools to analyze HTML and CSS. Here are the links to the W3C’s XHTML Validation Tool and CSS Validation Tool. Search engines love to crawl semantic mark-up, besides it’s accessible, lighter, efficient codewhich helps in maintenance in the long run. Search engine optimization

Add Social Bookmarking

Make it easier for visitors to social bookmark your web pages using social bookmarking widgets.