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Google Analytics & Stat Counters

It is important that you get information from your website about how people find you, what they
look at, how long they stay etc. There are two industry standard tools that we use.

Google Analytics

• Advertising ROI
Measure the success of your display, search, new media and offline advertising efforts.
• Cross Channel and Multimedia Tracking
Compare your site usage metrics with industry averages and track Flash, video, and social
networking sites and applications.
• Visualising Data
Uncover trends, patterns, and key comparisons with funnel visualisation, motion charts,
mapping, and more.
• Customised Reporting
Create the reports, dashboards, and segments that make the most sense for your business.
• Sharing and Communicating
Administration controls and email reports allow you to share data across your organisation.
• Google Integration and Reliability

Stat Counter

The stat counter is invisible and cannot be seen by site visitors it will give you:

• Custom Summary Stats based on all your visitors
• What keywords visitors use to find your site
• your most popular pages
• Links used to reach your site
• What countries your visitors come from
• How visitors navigate through your site

Google Analytics complements a suite of related products, all running on the same world
renowned infrastructure that powers Google. The tools will be installed from the outset and you will have access to them 24/7. Statcounter’s information is provided in real time, whereas Google Analytics can take up to 72 hours to generate the data for your reports but is more in depth than Statcounters.