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SEO Vs PPC…what is better for you?

What are the pros and cons of SEO against PPC? Search optimisation versus pay-per-click advertising is a crucial question for online business because it relates strongly to ROI or return on investment – results against cost.

The Split for people clicking in PPC the last time we looked was 40% this meant that 60% were clicking on organic websites.

What we recommend is to do both, because all income streams are welcome these days, it is far better to turn down a job than not get one,  but the question is how much to spend on each and how to do it. One way of looking at this is to define the two approaches as being on the one hand a technical and efficiency exercise, on the other a marketing approach. The way that we look at it is this PPC is wour current account with plenty of incomming and out goings & SEO is your Savings Account with a steady stream of incomming and the odd withdrawl now and again.

In Savings Account Corner we have:  SEO Weighing in at anything from €800 & the undisputed leader in maximising business growth.

  • Search Engine Opitimization sorts out the website, resolving technical issues with the server or site code
  • Search Engine Optimisation provides traffic to your website by organic promotion and optimising all on-site traffic-generating factors
  • SEO creates web-wide (Google,Bing,Yahoo)visibility and helps brand strength
  • Good SEO can get the search engines to send you free traffic
  • Excellant SEO increases conversion rates by improving on-site usability and marketing
  • The ROI from organic SEO is unbeatable – when done right
  • The down side of SEO? There is a built-in timelag of  3 weeks to 4 months for first-stage results, then up to one year for second-stage gains.
  • SEO can be very slow when compared with PPC – or at least the best SEO is
  • Pick the wrong SEO company & you can get lose time & money.
  • Bad SEO hurts the site and the business

In the Current Account Corner:  PPC Weighting in  at €300 set up & any amount per month you wish to spend. With lighting quick results & multiple Keyword holder:  PPC aKa Pay Per Click

  • PPC (and other marketing) gets traffic in by paid advertising
  • Pay Per Click gets results fast – we van get you business normally within two weeks.
  • PPC or SEM  is fast and easy to target your potential customers providing it is done right.
  • PPC provides unparalled DATA & can be tweaked and updated in a matter of minutes, so lets say you have a new product or service this could go onto a PPC campaign the moment you give us the call.
  • Pay Per Click can be catered for your market, Local business(Dublin, Meath), time if your potential clients are only at work between 9 to 6 etc.
  • PPC is the fastest way to lose money when badly run
  • Site owners often believe they can do PPC – but tend to do it badly unless they have had professional training. trust me i have spent 400 plus hours Learning PPC and i am still learning.

PPC, SEO, who came out the winner?

It can be seen that SEO on a judges count came out with a narrow victory, but we would like you to consider it a draw.

When choosing an SEO provider, it is probably a good idea to find one that is very high in the search results for their chosen terms, and we dont mean google places we mean on the first page of google organic.  After all, this is basically what you will be asking them to do for you – so if they are not there don’t get it from them.  We are at the top of google for 5 search terms please feel free to check yourself:

PPC campaigns look simple but aren’t. Learning how to run them costs somebody somewhere a lot of money. If you had to pay an expert 25% of your spend just to manage it correctly, that wouldn’t be a bad deal – but we charge nothing near that amount unlike some companies who charge 40% if you want to find out who just give us a call.

At JustSEO we only specialise in PPC, as we are organic SEO and web technology specialists, our mother company are experts who specialise in per-country and per-budget PPC management. We prefer to offer our clients one single SEO platform with one account manager to look after your SEO needs.  Therefor there is no grey area, you have a dedicated SEO consultant based in Dublin who can look over your website and  watch as it hits the first page of Google.