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Links & Social Networks.

Creating Quality links to your website is very important to gaining good website positioning.  Facebook has a Google page rank of 10/10 so if your website is having links comming from facebook, google will take notice also websites like, are two other websites where it is easy yet inexpensive to have links coming from there website to yours.  We also recommend that you speak to your suppliers, friends, business networks to see if there might be a partnership arranged via that means.

It is not possible to get high rankings on Google, Yahoo or other major search engines without good links. Google will only list your website in their search results if they find at least one other website that links to your site.

The more other websites link to your website, the higher your search engine rankings will be. The idea behind this concept is simple: if many other websites link to your website then your website must be important.

In addition to the sheer number of the links, the quality of the links is also important.

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How links influence the success of your website
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Social Networks:

Probably the word on everyones lips for the past year or so is Facebook. How important could it be for your business? well lets put it this way, how many succesful businesses do not have a website? we would probably ask a different question in two years time & that might be how many sucessfull businesses do not have a Facebook business Page?  The likes of BMW & Dove are pushing there customers or there potential customers to there bespoke designed facebook business page, why you may ask? well the average person on facebook has over 120 friends and once they click the like button, there friends see it.  There is no better salesperson than “word of mouth”.

That is why we set up Facebook business page ireland we realised that we needed a dedicated team who could study / learn / design / integrate & develop our clients & potential clients Facebook campaigns. Facebook for business is a relatively new concept but in our opinion will grow significantly.